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Text Box: Event Photos


Marchfield Clinic 5/16/06                                                                                    40x120' Holiday Park 8/1/07

Airport Hanger Wedding 5/27/06                                                                         40'x60' The Beacons Top 10/07/07

Fire Sale 6/2/06  .... Hummmm?  What not to do under tents.                                40'x60' The Beacons Bottom 5/18/07

20x40 Retirement party  (Party Tent)                                                                    20'x40' Woodruff Home Wedding 5/31/07

40x80 Tent on lake 6/24/06 Wedding Tent

40x60 Funk Lodge 7/2/06 Wedding Tent

Aimee Vapnar Wedding 9/8/06 Wedding Tent

Taste of Woodruff Arbor Vitae 10/7/06  Party Tent, Bounce House

SEDLAK Tent Sale 10/31/06 Sale Tent